Sustainable Denim Workshops

With the growing concern over the ethical and environmental impact that fast fashion and the textile industry has on the world, we at Titanic Denim believe the importance of educating everyone to be more conscious consumers in our efforts to create a more sustainable future.  For example, the entire life-cycle of one pair of jeans equates to an estimated 8,000 litres of water, which is around 3 days worth of the average households total water needs. The life-cycle includes; cotton cultivation, material production, garment finishing and also consumer use phase.

School Talks and Workshops

Through the talks and workshops, we intend to educate children on more environmentally friendly ways of shopping in a sustainable way and the importance of upcycling, textile recycling and consumer care for clothing.

Developing New Skills

The workshop will also provide skills of stitching, sewing and garment cutting to create your own products from recycled reclaimed materials!

Designing and Creating New Denim Products

Participants have the option to create their own bags and other items depending on their ability.